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Tips / Tricks

Ten Tips on how to conserve water

  1. Run the washing machine only when fully loaded. The average amount of water used by a wash programme is 70 litres.
  2. Modify your toilets with a low-flush system!
  3. Repair dripping taps and faucets! Average loss of water from dripping is 1 litre per hour.
  4. Dont' use running water for cleaning or washing up!
  5. Repair leaky cisterns!
  6. Don't run water while brushing your teeth. Average loss of water: 6 litres per minute.
  7. Take showers instead of baths! A bath consumes 200 litres of water.
  8. Dont' hose down footpaths or driveways. Use a broom or mop!
  9. Water lawns and gardens in the evenings. Collect rainwater for spraying or water your garden!
  10. Dont' use a hose for car washing, but instead a bucket and sponge!
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