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The sewage in the past

History in time-lapse

1967  Commencement of operations

1978  Chemical purification stage, phosphate precipitation. Inlet vave in the arabern tunnel

1985  Waste Water Filtration

1988  Sludge decontamination, sludge dewatering

1996  Establishment of the corporation ara region bern ag

1997  Exhaust treatment, Initial drainage of fresh sludge, portable sludge drying plant

1999  Commissioning of the separate anaerobic digester supernatant treatment (SBR)

2002  Commissioning of the stationary sewage sludge drying plant

2005  Commissioning of the modernized biological treatment (Biostyr)

2006  Inauguration of the Stage III expansion

2007  Reception facility for biomass

2008  Commissioning of a biogas refinement plant I

2009  Commissioning of the completely renovated gas infrastructure

2010  Commissioning of pumping station and stormwater tanks in Belp, Belp-Kehrsatz pressure main and rainwater tanks in Kehrsatz

2011 Completion of roads and landscaping of Nature Park

2012 Inauguration of new Administration building

2013 Commissioning of a Biogas refinement plant 2

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